UIDAI frequently asked questions About Aadhar Card

UIDAI frequently asked questions

India is developing the country as everyone knows and from the past few years if you have noticed then you will know how much India has developed in the 21st century. Nowadays Indian government is the goal is to make digitalize India, day by day even a small work or task has become easy because of digitalization.

As you all know aware of Aadhaar card or UIDAI (Unique identification authority of India). Aadhaar card has a 12 digit number i.e it’s a unique Identity number provided by the government of India and its compulsory for every individual citizen of India to own an Aadhaar card, it holds a personal information of individual citizens like Name, date of birth, Address, and gender.

As from the latest news it has become compulsory to link your Aadhaar card with your bank account, mobile number, PAN card and all other documents which hold by the government and last day to register all the above are 31st March 2018.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Aadhaar cardholders need to know according to UIDAI.

Here Are Questions


(1) The UIDAI has all my data including biometrics, bank account, PAN, etc. will it be used to track my activities?

No, UIDAI is not used for tracking your activities. UIDAI has the following information as below:

(a) Name, Date of birth, gender, address, mobile number and email address.

(b)Your ten fingerprint, two IRIS scans, and facial photo.

UIDAI does not have other information than above like caste, religion, family, mutual funds, shares, financial,etc.. According to section 32(3) Aadhaar act 2016 it is strictly prohibited UIDAI for controlling and maintaining any information regarding authentication either by itself or any other entity.

(2)when I link my bank account, mobile number, Mutual funds, and shares with Aadhaar will the UIDAI not get this information?

No, Instead when you send your Aadhaar number with a bank account, mutual fund, share and mobile phone company they will only share your biometrics information and your name, etc. to UIDAI for verification of your identity. So UIDAI will reply to such verification questions with Yes or No. If they reply with yes than UIDAI send your KYC details (Name, photo, DOB) to a service provider.

(3) Why am I being asked to link all my bank accounts and mobile phone number with Aadhaar?

It’s for your own safety and security purposes, as nowadays bank crimes and fraud calls have also bit increase. It is necessary to link all your bank accounts with your aadhaar number to weed out fraudsters, criminals, money launderer,etc.. So if your account is linked and verified with your Aadhaar number than it becomes very easy to catch the criminals, fraudsters, etc. and take action against their crime as per law. Therefore this is a way towards your safety.

(4) Do NRIs need Aadhaar for banking, mobile, PAN and other services?

Not at all, the Aadhaar card is only for residents of India. NRIs is eligible for Aadhaar card and service provider link bank, phone etc has laid the NRIs exceptional for these. The NRIs just simply tell to this service provider that they don’t require Aadhaar numbers by virtue of not being a resident of India.

(5) Can the mobile company store my biometrics taken at the time of SIM verification and use them for other purposes later?

No one has right to use your biometrics information for any purposes even mobile phone companies cannot use your biometrics information taken at the time of linking and verification of Aadhaar number, as soon as Aadhaar holder presses his finger on fingerprint sensor all this data will be encrypted and send to UIDAI for verification.

With regulation 17(1)(a) Aadhaar regulation 2016, it strictly prohibits any requesting entities which include a mobile phone, bank, etc. from sharing or storing even copying the fingerprints for whatsoever reason. If they do any violation against this then they will be punishable under the Aadhaar act 2016.

(6) Some agencies are not accepting e-aadhaar card. They insist on original Aadhaar card. Why so?

E-aadhaar ( download aadhaar) from the official website of UIDAI is legally valid and has to accepted by all agencies as original Aadhaar is provided by UIDAI. Fact is that address is updated in e-aadhaar so it’s a preferable to accept the e-aadhaar. So if any agencies is not ready to accept e-aadhaar than you can lodge the complaint against this agencies with their respective higher authorities of their agencies. Both e-aadhaar and original Aadhaar is acceptable by all agencies.

Updated: April 11, 2018 — 7:58 pm


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  1. DEAR,Hello sir or Mam good morning. my AaDhar card all ready have be correction for my name and mobile number,and email also update in the date from 05/ June /2018 before 12 o clock completed. but now i don’t no about the status. so ,please can you share me the further information. ok thank you .

    1. hello are you want to check your status? Dont worry here I help you.Check this link aadhar card Status


    1. No you need to visit nearest Aadhar card Center for this.

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