Check Aadhar Card Update Status Online

Check Aadhar Card Update Status Online:

UIDAI has provided facilities to update aadhar card online but many times aadhar card update has been rejected due to the data miss may have looked for check aadhar card update status online so we have provided a full article about how to check aadhar card update status check online

Aadhar Card Update Check online:

Here All the Step Are given to you. Please Read all the Step then Check your Aadhar update status. follow a procedure for Chek Aadhar card updated or not?

STEP 1: Go to the Official website of UIDAI


UIDAI Official Website

UIDAI Official Website

STEP 2: Fill All the details: Aadhar number and URN Number And click on Get Status button

Aadhar Card Update Status

Aadhar Card Update Status

Note: URN and SRN Number Has been generated when you have applied for an aadhar update request

STEP 3: finally you cloud see your aadhar status whether Aadhar card update not




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  1. Please how to change my phone number in adhar card send my mail id

    1. you need to visit nearest aadhar card center for update mobile number in aadhar card

  2. I have appiled 10 days back for adhar updating still now it is not updated . update should be completed with in one week but still i am waiting since 10 days it is very irgent for me ple try to update soon

    1. please call On 1947 Toll free number of aadhar help center

      1. I called tollfree number its seems to be technical problem and caller who attended was responding only in hindi not in english or telugu. please help me its very urgent for me

        1. please mail your concern at

  3. Iwant change my adress and surname

    1. visit nearest aadhar card center For correction

  4. dipak ranjan katikia

    dear admin recently i have updated my adhar demographic status,but while accessing to updated status its showing wrong urn what shall i do???

    1. please try without “/” this and recheck

  5. Hi
    If Aadhar update request has been rejected due to some reason,then under same URN how we can resubmit request with other supporting documents.

    1. no, you neet to re update your aadhar card and at last new URN number genrated

      1. Hi sir
        My name is balamurugan , i want one help me please, one person missed him purse , purse on available on adhar card so i want he contact no please, he adhar no , any help us

        1. please find out your aadhar card here visit link or using your enrollment number you can download your aadhar card. follow step to download your aadhar card Visit Link

  6. I have done my biometrics done on 5.1.2018 for updating in my Aadhar card . The centre told me in 10 days I will have my Aadhar active but so far I hv not received any message

    1. please call On 1947 toll free number of aadhar card center

  7. I have given my Aadhar number to all the required places like banks registration offices etc .so I want it to be activated quickly

  8. Which site shld we go to check our demographic update

  9. Sir, I have updated the aadhar card Address & got acknowledgement with URN. its almost 10 days got over, while checking the status of the update, there’s an error appearing as “Incorrect URN Number” please let me know how to get the status of my update.

    1. try without “/” this

  10. While checking update status it is saying that my URN number is incorrect but it is correct only… please help me by a solution………..

    1. please Enter Without “/” and re try

  11. this enrollment has been rejected due to data/process error. if you do not have an Aadhaar number from Aadhaar enrollment , please visit an enrollment center to re -enrol

    As i have only done the Mobile number update.

    What does it mean and how to overcome this case

    1. you need to Visit nearest aadhar card center with valid Document.

  12. My urn no. Incorrect shown

    1. try without “/” this

      1. I tried to check my aadhar update status, but it shows Incorrect URN number.

        I typed the exact URN number and aadhar number to check the status but still it shows Incorrect URN number.

        Kindly suggest some solution

        1. remove “/” this and retry

  13. Dear Sir

    How To Change My Father Name In My Adhara Card Please Help Me Sir

    1. visit nearest aadhar card center with valid document and correct aadhar card

  14. aadhar cord in neame croction

    1. visit nearest aadhar card center with valid document

  15. I update my no on Aadhar how can I know its update status. If it has updated than please tell me.

    1. using URN number you can check your aadhar card status

  16. Am not receive my updated aadhar car

    1. you need to Download your aadhar card by self please visit this for how to download aadhar

  17. please let me know how to check the status of updated adhar card status updated at your uidai centre at jeevan bharti bidng. new delhi, as i am unable to check the same on official site.

    1. please visit this link and follow step for check aadhar update status

  18. Hello, I got an SMS stating that My Aadhar card has been rejected for ‘technical reason’. I am currently in the UK. Could you please advise what should I do next?

    1. Mail At and tell your concern.

      1. Thanks, Do you the estimated time I would receive a response from please?

  19. dear Sir
    My aadhaar number On 07/09/2017 I visited an Aadhaar camp in Bangalore and requested for spelling correction in my name .The URN indicated in the Acknowledgement is 020/ 23506/13158. But when I use this URN WITHOUT SLASHES I GET THE MESSAGE INCORRECT URN . How and when can I get my updated Aadhaar card
    Also please clarify whether URN is a 13 digit number
    Please reply
    Gangaiah Rajanna

    1. please Call On 1947 Aadhar card Tollfree number.

    2. Kallayil Ravindra natha Menon

      For updating Adhaar, you are required to give your URN. What is URN? is it the Enrollment no mentioned in the Adhaar Card? or something else? Pl let me know.

      1. Your Update Request Number (URN) is 0000/00222/0XXXX” on your screen. You will also get the confirmation message and Update Request Number on your mobile phone. Keep Update Request number safely with you as if will help you to track the status of your aadhaar card updation.


    1. Not possible Online kindly Visit Nearest Aadhar card Center.

  21. How to add my phone number with my aadhar

    1. Visit Nearest Aadhar Card Center For this

  22. I want to know SIR ………..Your Authentication of Aadhaar number XXXX XXXX 7398 using “Fingerprint ” on 29/01/2018 at 11:29:02 Hrs failed at a device deployed by “UIDAI Internal System Monitoring…..MEANS PLEASE TELL ME

    1. This Is Message Which Gives you notification About your Aadhar card Authentication and Uses.

  23. Dear sir Mene apna adhar card correction krwaya h usko 12 din ho gae h m apna adhar card kese check Kru pls send tell me

    1. Check This Step For check Aadhar Status


    1. Please Call On aadhar card help center toll free 1947

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