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What is Aadhar Card?

Every citizen in the country is unique and needs an identification mark to distinguish it from the others. All the countries have this system and thus the government of India has come up with this too.


An Aadhar card is issued so that all details of a person are inscribed on it and one could use it for various benefits. These benefits can be in the form of subsidy that on various goods and services as well as the schemes that the government comes up with from time to time.

This project was introduced in 2009, by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This program wants each and every citizen to have a unique number which involves issuing an Aadhar number as well as one Aadhar card. This should also be linked to other key services like pension schemes or their bank accounts.

Adhar card website for uidai is providing all the related information about aadhar.even also there are online facility to update Aadhar detail and much more related to Adhar.


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Now, touch-based upon the Adhar card, one can also aadhar card download online using your Aadhar number. However, the purpose of issuing an Aadhar card is because this would be one Universal Identity card for every citizen and we no longer need so many other documents for availing any kind of services.

As there is a lot of illegal immigration to the country, this card would prevent it from happening. One card number has proof of both your address as well as identity so it helps serve two purposes in one.

Apart from that those who are eligible for a subsidy can avail a lot of government schemes through this. Using an Aadhar, one can enroll in government programs too such as Right to Education. Not just this, there is a subsidy on gas cylinders as well as phone bills which can be easily availed using this. And the best part about this is that it remains valid throughout the life cycle of a citizen.

How to Download the E Aadhar Card?

First, one needs to go to the UIDAI website, and type in your full name as given on your Aadhar card. The email ID and phone number that you may have used to register for the card should be punched in and then enter the characters as given in the image. Once you get the OTP, enter this in the form and you shall get your Aadhar number.

Now go to the e-aadhar page on the same website and select Aadhaar. Do the same process again and at the end click validate and download and you shall be able to easily download your Aadhar card in a Pdf file which can be printed as per your convenience.

 Here Is Step Given You need To follow

How To Download E Aadhar?

We know E Aadhar is a soft copy of Aadhar card and it can be downloaded from the Internet. RIGHT?

Here We have given Step by Step Introduction For E-Aadhar. so please Refer all the Steps.

Step 1:

Visit Eaadhar Website By just click on Button here. : https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

e aadhar

Step 2: Please keep your Enrollment ID Keep With you. Here it will be required For E aadhar. Now Select ( I have Enrollment Id ).


Now Check your Enrollment Id that looks like Given image and You Need to Enter Accurate detail.like Enrollment Id, Date and Time. That format is like Enrollment id (1231/23222/12121) time is (00/00/0000 11:11:11) Note: Please Enter Enrollment Detail not this.

The Next Step For Eaadhar is Enter Your Full Name As per your Enrollment Slip.

Step 3.

Please Enter your Six Digits pin Code (It look like 360000).
Step 4.
Enter Captcha Code That shown you.
Step 5.
Finally enter Mobile Number That you have Right Now.
Step 6.

e aadhar

Just Click On “Get One Time password” and entered Number Receive OTP that you need to enter.

Step 7. Now Click One Validate And Download.

How to Update your Aadhar Card?

In case of an Aadhar card update, first, go to https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update and enter your Aadhar card number. Once you get your OTP, enter the password you shall be redirected to the page where you can choose the option “Address Change”, or any other field that you want to update.

Upload a document which gives a proof of the changes that you have and once you receive a URN number, you can use this to track any update.

Follow Below Step To Update Aadhar Card 


Step 1. Visit Aadhar card Correction website. :


aadhar card update


In this Step, You need To Enter your aadhar number and Text Verification. Then Click On Send OTP.

Step 2. Enter your OTP that received Registered Mobile number. then click on login.

Step 3.  Now Select Respected Correction and click on submit.

Step 4. Update your Incorrect detail. Then Click On Submit Update Request.


Step 5. Upload Valid Document. Then Click On Submit.

Step 6. Click On Yes Button.

aadhar card status


Step 7.Select BPO Service Provider Then Submit.


Step 8. After Submit You show Urn Number on next Screen please Noted Down this number For Check Aadhaar update status.


Check Aadhar card update status?

STEP 1: Go to Official Website of UIDAI  https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/check-status

STEP 2:. Enter the 12 Digits Aadhar number and URN number and click on Get Status Button




STEP 3: Finally See your status Wether Aadhar card update or not

In case of the offline method, just send an SMS, UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number> to 51969 and you shall easily receive the status by text.

Aadhar Card Status


Link Aadhaar card with your Voter ID?

Go to the official Adhar card linking page and fill mandatory fields. On the left click the option Feed Adhaar card. When a popup window opens, enter a name in Adhaar card, voter ID number, Aadhar number, mobile and email ID, and submit. Your request thus will be registered. Or you can also send this SMS, ECILINK <EPIC_Number> <Aadhaar_Number> to 166 or 51969.

Link Aadhar with your Mobile Number?

For this visit your nearest Airtel store with the required documents, and in case this does not happen by next year Feb, services on your mobile will be discontinued. There are no fees for this and Adhaar details will be updated in their records. Biometric verification is a mandate for this.

link Mobile Number with Aadhar card


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  1. Mobile number link to Aadhar

    1. you need to Visit Nearest Aadhar card Center for Link Mobile with aadhar card.

      1. is there is not any online process to link mob no.

        1. Sorry this facility not provided by UIDAI.

  2. mobile no. update

    1. please take appointment with nearest aadhar card center and update your mobile number

        1. Visit nearest Aadhar card center for Mobile Number updation.

  3. i want my aadhaar card very soon.

    1. here is step to Download aadhar card using Enrollment number Or aadhar card please refer this Article for Aadhar card download Visit Link

  4. How to check what number is registered with my Aadhar card?

    1. if you want to check which number linked with your aadhar card then visit this link and fill form and check detail online https://resident.uidai.gov.in/verify-email-mobile

  5. virendra kumar patel

    my addhar download

    1. please follow given all the step of Aadhar card download

  6. how to i check if i am update my mobile number and my name

    1. When you update your name and Mobile number that time URN number Generated using URN Number you can check Your Aadhar card updated or not.visit this for check Aadhar card status

  7. how to link mobile

    1. You want to Link Mobile number With aadhar card ? if yes then visit nearest aadhar enrollment center


    1. No, Just you need to visit nearest aadhar card center. Online UIDAI Portal Only provide aadhar Address correction

    2. My aadhar card date of birth 14-05-1992 incarrect.
      My carrict date of birth 14-05-1995
      Please abdete aadhar card

      1. Visit Nearest Aadhaar Enrollment center For Correction In Aadhar card.

  9. the surname is incorrect in Aadhar card.
    How do I change my surname as per the pan card in aadhar card?

    1. Visit Nearest Aadhar card Center with Valid document and change your surname in aadhar

  10. How to solve My Aadhaar Enrollment status is ( Aadhaar Number inactive ) , But i don’t Get my Aadhaar number , Please Help me…

    1. please call On aadhar card help center 1947 Toll-free number

  11. Sonu lalendra Mishra

    Updates my mobile no

    1. Visit Nearest Aadhar card Center For Update Mobile Number In aadhar card


      MY update Mobile Number (Aadhar card)

      1. you need to visit nearest Aadhar card Center for link mobile number with Adhar card

  12. i changes my address via online but how to check it will update ya not.

    i got a update request no. but i un able to download my new address adhar.

    1. When you update your aadhar card online that time At last step URN number Generated. using Your Urn number you can check Your aadhar update status. For More Visit This link


    1. please contact your bank account. Here we solve Adhar card Related stuff.

  14. i checked it. but it show me “Approval awaited for your request” is it take long time ?

  15. My child take child enrolment on 22.11.2017. stilldate eaadhaar not generated.
    this enrollment is under process / this missage comes pass three months. what can i do?

    1. Please Call On 1947 Aadhar card Helpcenter.

  16. i cant show all option just there one option of address not others

    1. yes , After Couple of day UIDAI Make Changes In Aadhar card Updation. Now Only Address Change Thought the Online aadhar Portal.Remaining You need to Visit Nearest Aadhar card Center

  17. kya aisa posible hai ki ek aadmi ke alag alag state mai alag alag aadhar card ban sakte hai reply pls

    1. not possible for multiple Aadhar card

  18. sir mere friend ne 5 se 6 baar aadhar enrol karvaya hai aur har baar reject ho jata hai latest enrolment no.

    1. Please Call On UIDAI Help center 1947 toll free Number.

  19. not able to download eadhar from 3 days.is there any problem with the server.download page is not opening.

    1. please try now to Download aadhar card

      1. My address changing

        1. If you want To change Aadhar card Address and If you register Mobile Number With Aadhar card then you able to correct Aadhar card by self.Check step to Update Aadhar card.

  20. muje aadhar card pr email id update karna hai kaise kare

    1. Visit nearest Adhar card center For Update Email Id.

  21. whyshoud not open uidai webside in my pc

    1. Some Time technical problem.so try now to open Aadhar card Website.

  22. My biometric match with a 8 year old girl so I cannot make my Aadhar card,please do something for me

    1. Please Share Your details with uidai support center at 1947 (Toll Free) or at official twitter Account of uidai here https://twitter.com/UIDAI or email them at help@uidai.gov.in

  23. Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal is not working. Please check.

    1. try now to Open Aadhar card Website. Right Now Working Well

      1. Working fine. Thanks.

  24. hi I stay in Dubai and if i need to apply Adhar card for me and my family what should i do .. is there any help line?? this 1947 help center from MTNL but its saying check your no..

    1. please Mail Your Concern At Help@uidai.gov.in

  25. Sir Miri letap me aadhar Card Downloding fail nahi kula raha hai

  26. Sanjay Kumar Srivastava

    Not able to download updated Adhar Card

    1. whats error occur at Download time. Please Share your Concern With us.

  27. I am not able to download the adhar card as i am getting error for please enter correct pin code

    My pin is ****72 & i am entering the same still we are getting error

    1. please call Aadhaar Card Costomer care 1947 Toll free.

  28. Father’s name is not reflecting in my Aadhar after the address change. How to get the father’s name back in the Aadhar?

    1. retry to Download aadhar card and check.

      1. my aadhar card is update in print duplicate

        1. Follow Above Step To Download Adhar card online.


    1. Please pahale all step check kare bad me aadhar Download kijiye

  30. How to print my aadhar card

    1. Follow Above Step to Download your Aadhar card in PDF file.After that you printed out.

  31. Actually I have download the aadhar card but it has asking password. which type of password entered there?…. tell me sir…

    1. Note: PDF फाइल को खोलने के लिए कृपया अपने नाम के पहले 4 अक्षर और जन्म की साल डाले। जैसे की अगर आपका नाम Rajan है और आपके जनम की साल 1990 है तो आपका पासवर्ड RAJA1990 होगा.

  32. Sir change my register mobile no

    1. Visit Nearest Aadhar Card Center for this.

  33. aadhar ki site open kiun nahi horahi hai

    1. try now working well

  34. i gave updation of my name in aadhar before 25 days still it is showing as still in progress.
    how many more days it will take to update

    1. please Call On Aadhaar Center 1947 Toll-free number

  35. Shubhad S. Deshpande

    Aadhar card Sir I am desperately trying to update my Aadhar card with telephone no and mail id added to it. The process has been going on for the past one and a half months with no success. This has been pursued thru an authorised aadhar centre in Pune. Can you help ?

    1. If you want To change Address in Aadhar card then Online possible thought the UIDAI portal.And Name DOB and another thing not possible At Online UIDAI Website.For that, You need to Visit Nearest Aadhar Enrollment center.If you still Question then Call Aadhar help center 1947 toll-free number.

  36. sir Adhara website is not working from 10 days it shows This site can’t be reached

    1. Working Well no other issue please try to Open eaadhaar.uidai. gov .in

  37. how i can check adhar name change result

    1. Check this link For Check Aadhar Updated Or not ?

  38. please sent the websit name

    1. eaadhaar.uidai. gov .in

  39. Please Follow This link For Check Aadhar status

  40. I have to update my address pin code in my aadhaar card, but the website is not working since couple of days, any idea?

    1. try now to open Eaadhar here and check now

  41. Dear sir,
    I have give my flat on rent, rent agreement for 11 Month but that person has changes his address (in Aadhar)under my flat address, how ever got approval for 11 months.

    Also i changes my address seen 1 week and the status show me “Your request has been verified and awaiting approval” plz will can tell me how many days it will take?

    1. it takes normally maximum 7–10 days. Due to recently change in aadhar update procedure, sometimes it updated within 3 -4 days. You can also update your adhar details to visit in Aadhar center.

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